Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nine Reasons - Why Invest in Dubai Real Estates

Before you decide to invest your money in overseas property investment, try to consider Dubai. Why? Below are nine reasons to invest in Dubai real estate

1.Real estate market is the top most priority of Dubai government
Dubai real estate is instrumental in bringing them huge profits and foreign investment. The UAE government also promote the real estate market regularly by conducting events and seminars for the progress and growth of property in Dubai.

2. Dubai Free Hold Real Estate Properties
The Crown Prince of Dubai have made modifications to the constitution of Dubai allowed for the foreign freehold ownership of real estate in Dubai. Here are some Dubai freehold real estate projects Business Bay, Burj Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Pearl and International City.

3.No tax being applied on income or property transactions in Dubai
Good news for overseas real estate investor.

4. There are plenty of jobs in Dubai as well
Therefore, professionals also want to shift their base to Dubai. All people all over the world will move to Dubai and will make Dubai inhabitant increase amazingly.

5. Dubai developments
There are 100s of large scale commercial projects are under construction now. Some crazy projects are in progress and many others were approved and being proposed. Here some of the Dubai crazy projects :Palm Islands Dubailand, The World, The Universe, Nakheel tower, etc.

6. Dubai is the most desired destination of tourist
Dubai is now officially the land of extreme building projects and, as a result of some of the unique and exciting attractions springing up in the area, tourism is growing fast. Luxurious and opulent hotels and some glorious beaches to match are making luxury holidays in Dubai extremely popular.

7. People who work in Dubai will want to live there
The demand of real estate in Dubai is not coming just from investor but also from end user who wants to have Dubai as their home.

8. Dubai's real estate architectural are greatly desired by people all over the world
The world's most innovative architectures were presented at Cityscape Expo, and the Dubai real estate market stated its intention to drive the emirate into the most wonderful places in the world.

9. Real estate demand will bullish in the next year
With the demand increase, Dubai property prices will be increasing appreciably. It would be the time you gain lucrative yield from Dubai real estates.

All the reasons sound make sense, don’t it? So what are you waiting for ?


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